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Monika Arnold Massage Therapy offers a range of high quality therapeutic massage treatments, including deep tissue, sports massage, pregnancy massage, relaxing massage, energising massage and MLD – Manual Lymphatic drainage.

Read about each of these in more detail below.


It’s suitable for all and beneficial for everyone. For the treatment of injuries and chronic conditions. I treat desk-bond homeworkers, gardeners, grandparents, hairdressers, builders, decorators and athletes. You absolutely do not have to be a sport person to benefit from it.


It’s a deeper soft tissue massage, which is more individualised and tailored treatment designed to treat a common injury or musculoskeletal pain. It’s also tailored to prepare an athlete for a sporting event or aid in the recovery from an event. Sports massage is not just for athletes, anyone can have a sports massage as it can also help to relax. Many common medical conditions can benefit from a sports massage to relieve pain and discomfort.


A deeply soothing treatment for tired mums-to-be. It reduces swelling and eases pressure on your joints and lower back. It is a relief from the daily aches and pains that come from growing new life. This massage is recommended for women who are in their second or third trimester, or have recently given birth.


It is a gentle und nurturing massage when you need a little self-care. While using a light-medium pressure it soothes the mind and body for a restful night's sleep. It promotes a drop in stress levels, the muscles feel looser and more relaxed. Using light-medium pressure.


That’s the one to have if you feel fatigue and lethargic. It is a boost in circulation to help oxygen flow to the brain. The body and mind are waking up. The muscles feel looser and less tense. This treatment uses lots of tapotement techniques – rapid rhythmic tapping and pounding. These are mixed in with effleurage (long strokes) and kneading to get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing.


A gentle massage to rebalance vital systems of the body. It encourages the flow of lymph and improves circulation. Boosts energy levels and helps soothe anxiety. Supports post-surgery recovery, and can help prevent swollen joints.

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